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Deadeye Jackal


Syrian Arab Republic

Community identifiers

Syrian Electronic Army

Deadeye Jackal is a nationalistic, Syria-based hacker group known as the Syrian Electronic Army. Historically, this adversary engaged in malicious activity consisting of website defacements, spear phishing, distributed denial of service (DDoS), and data theft/disclosure operations.

In 2013 Deadeye Jackal gained significant notoriety when it carried out a DNS hijacking campaign against multiple Western media and technology organizations.

Recent Activity

CrowdStrike Intelligence assesses that in 2017 Deadeye Jackal abandoned its media-focused mission and shifted its operations to clandestine offensive activity. Activity attributed to the adversary since that time has relied heavily on the use of malware for the Android platform. This focus has continued throughout 2020. While data related to specific targeting of recent activity is scant, CrowdStrike assesses with moderate confidence that it is likely that his adversary's primary objective is information gathering targeting opponents of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad within Syria and its immediate region.

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