The eCrime ecosystem is an active and diffuse economy of financially motivated entities who engage in myriad criminal activities in order to generate revenue.

The market dynamics as observed by the CrowdStrike Intelligence team over the past several years are fluid; as new mechanisms and schemes are devised to generate revenue, new avenues of monetization are identified, and the global geopolitical and economic landscape changes as adversaries evolve their tactics to maximize profits. This underground economy parallels the global markets in many ways. In order to understand the ebbs and flows of this ecosystem, CrowdStrike has devised a computed value we are dubbing the eCrime Index (ECX) to assess the state of eCrime. The index is based on various observables, weighted by impact, that are continuously monitored by our subject matter experts. The ECX helps identify notable changes that can then be further investigated. We will share analysis results of such events on this site.