The technology sector plays a critical and increasingly ingrained role in the objectives of nearly every organization, directly or indirectly impacting a significant and growing portion of operations across virtually every segment.

The advantages and omnipresent nature of the sector also lead to complex security challenges from a variety of threats emanating from state-sponsored actors to criminal elements and hacktivists. Access operations and economic espionage are significant drivers of targeted intrusion activity aimed at the technology sector and Big Game Hunting (BGH) eCrime actors also target the technology sector for access to downstream targets. Supply chain and trusted relationship compromises also represent a unique threat to technology sector entities as they provide initial access for malicious adversaries with the ability to propagate from a single intrusion to multiple downstream targets of interest. These operations represent an opportunity for a significant return on an adversary’s efforts, potentially multiplying the effects of a single intrusion, and are likely to remain a threat to the technology sector in the future.

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